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Price Demand brings an 'automated' bargaining tool into Commerce

All buyers want to pay as little as possible for something they want, it's a universal trait that we all have, which is why Price Demand is so suitable with today's life  -  we don't want to be bargaining with sale personal or wait for sale discounts, all we want is to buy it now for the lest money.

There are two ways for users to fund their QwickPay accounts and use the funds to spend and send  -  one way is to find a listed seller wanting to liquidate their sales in Pay It Forward, Now!  -  the other is to collect the free Cloud Capital / Cloudfunds / Free Digital Capital and operate as an OMM or virtual wholesaler who helps process the inventory of a seller wanting to get sales  -  in return for OMMs helping in the Outsourced Selling process, the FDC that's 'spent' during the unique automated bidding process gets validated into the neutral Universally Distributed Capital, which can then used to buy things.

Smart Contracts are formed by sellers in the Outsourced Selling's Game Theory process, locking in the full selling prices and holding the value in escrow until a seller's final buyer buys with Price Demand, at the price they want to pay before another buyer beats them to Buy Now.

While it has taken some years for personal data privacy to be recognized as a fundamental right for users, it has always been of the highest importance in the development of the economy to economy ecosystem  -  each user is given a Global ID in which they can operate world wide without any advertisers tracking their movements, there are no third parties involved in tapping into data other than a buyer or seller needing to have minimum access to such as delivery address.

User have access to Universally Distributed Income - UDI portfolios that they can build a holding of Locations to gain the income streams from a wealth tax or local activity tax from local productivity that gets globally distributed equally across qualified users.

While all types of products and services are able to be Outsourced along the supply chains in all industries, apart from the everyday essentials and the 'I'd like that item now' buys  -  Home Ownership is one central purchase that many user tend to focus on to judge how much wealth they have accumulated  -  this is where the decentralized distribution of Capital in the economy to economy ecosystem offers users the financial advantage of a different approach to out-right Home Ownership.


.  .  as activity increases there's a flywheel effect that spreads out into other economies
Some of the Industries that will be impacted by Cloudfunding :

fuel   -   taxis   -   hotels   -   restaurants   -   events   -   travel   -   trekking   -   sharing   -   Cloudfunding Main St   -   gig economy

groceries   -   fashion   -   books   -   delivery   -   content   -   subscriptions   -   On-demand   -   connecting   -   insurance

health   -   education   -   energy   -   housing   -   leasing   -   logistics   -   Used Market   -   Used Cars   -   Wage Shift   -   more

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Global workforce with a proof-of-work consensus

RingLink creates the connections from the time a seller lists their inventory to outsource the selling, where each unit of inventory is linked to the universal trading value that's distributed globally to Users collecting the FDC  -  the Global Crowd then use their individual strategies to transfer value and ownership via the Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital  -  what the Global Crowd is doing is individually selecting which economy, which industry and which product unit that they direct their strategy and value into  -  their effort is a proof-of-work that combines with others to form a unique global consensus in financing a seller's inventory.

This change of only outsourcing the selling price and not the manufacturing is a disruption to the tradition of using up cheap Labour Market  -  but it's needed to stem the imbalances back inside developed countries that have gradually declined over the last decades with job losses, wage stagnation and increased indebtedness brought on by increased prices of essential household items and cost of living, basically the lack of local productivity  -  Localization.

Cloudfunding mechanics disrupt this type of outsourcing to the vulnerable countries by providing the local domestic manufacturing industries ( in countries that usually send their manufacturing elsewhere ) with a sustainable environment that has a competitive advantage on price against imported products outsourced to and from other locations.

RingLink tracks the change of ownerships along the supply chains and out into the general consumer world  -  tracking data is a key element of the overall Cloudfunding platform, which at its core has a similar economic model proposed in a past era that included a neutral central mechanism be used to track international flows of assets and liabilities  -  Cloudfunding in many ways is the modern version of such a model.

Cloudfunding protects the local domestic manufacturing and retailing with Localization along new Rails of Trade where Supply meets Demand with new Rules of Engagement.


New Rails of Trade

It begins with Users simply connecting with a browser or mobile on any number of devices that users want to begin with to collect the free Cloudfunds ( Free Digital Capital ), creating unlimited number of accounts  -  each of the accounts can help collaborate in strategies for particular deals or operate separately.

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Claim a Zip or Post Code for naming rights to a local economy
Expression of interest are open for SMEs, seller groups, shopping precincts and co-ops etc in the Queen Bee loyalty program.
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buyers who can join together in buyer co-ops, families or individuals  -  everyone can benefit from cascading buying prices
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