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How to add funds!

When a user is ready to add funds to an account they pull up QwickPay and find a list of local businesses waiting to exchange UDC for the local fiat currency,

Businesses list UDC when they are ready to exchange it with local users wanting to buy UDC with the local currency, the seller is liquidating their UDC to complete sales they made on the Platform.

Basically a business is using their normal cash register or mobile phone to complete sales they made on the Platform by liquidating those sales into the local currency, a business could also buy UDC from a local user to pay for goods with other suppliers, making it easier and more cost effective, Pay It Forward, Now! is used by buyers and sellers,

A Collection Code is issued that only the customer knows,

-  the buyer takes the Collection Code to the selected business and hands it over, either by showing the code on their mobile phone or in a printed form, with the cash,

-  the value is exchanged from the business’s account console, where the value is locked in escrow for a limited time while waiting for the payment from the customer, once the exchange is made the UDC is immediately available to use,

-  any exchange between UDC and a fiat currency, O2O, is secured by a KYC protocol that's tracked against profiles.

-  any exchange between UDC and fiat currency is more secure against money laundering because the 'digital cash' is traceable, whereas physical cash is not.


QwickPay takes cash to a new era in the method of exchange with digital P2P exchanges.

Cash is used in the same way around the world, it's exchanged between a buyer and seller to complete a cash sale for a product or service, what QwickPay does is a digital form of the exchange without fees or third party incumbents.

-  each action is part of the floating inventory value held by all the global sellers, like a giant warehouse in the cloud,

-  each action operates within a normal cash sale that any buyer or seller typically uses on a daily basis,

-  each UDC buy whether it's by a buyer or seller settles a commercial action, somewhere.

-  UDC has a linear growth that's 'controlled' by the Crowd's involvement in commercial activity, the benefit is gained by storing UDC in various Locations where the activity takes place and gains as the UDC value exponentially grows.

-  it's just like holding any currency but holding UDC can only increase in value against the values of global currencies because of how it's uniquely attached to 'true productivity' and the way that value is distributed!

UDC is a neutral P2P trading currency with no transfer fees or foreign exchange fees.


Why is Pay It Forward, Now! needed?
                                -  see exponential and ubiquitous exchange flow


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