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Free Trade

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Businesses on the Platform have access to LAC ( Local Active Commerce ), it gives sellers the ability to keep their cash flows and sales revenues flowing around in their local community and still be seamlessly linked globally

A process ubiquitously ties UDC with the seller's inventory when it's listed on the Platform,

-  best of all, no matter if you're a buyer or seller, sender of receiver, there're no fees, not even currency exchange fees.

-  the commercial productivity at both ends of trading happens as typical daily cash payment for products and services.

Pay It Forward, Now! provides the unique environment that keeps the QwickPay exchanges within the commerce environment.

payments are instant or have a confirmation step  -  there's no third party process, it's like cash passing from hand to hand

Remittances that are the lifeline for so many people  -  have been a heavy cost on societies forever

               -  now remittances are free and ubiquitous as part of global free trade and local commerce

UDC has an intrinsic value tied to productivity of products and services held and sold in commerce around the world.

Once this productivity value is validated in UDC it's able to be exchanged without any variation in value within the activity between (B2C), (C2B), (B2B) and (C2C) around the world.

The UDC value flows between buyers and sellers as each new action is generated, all exchanges are securely held in escrow and can only be released using codes that ensures both buyer and seller are in control of their actions,

-  a seller applies their due diligence ( KYC ) in the 'face to face' interaction with a buyer at the time of a UDC purchase,


Each new UDC buy becomes the settlement time of a purchase previously made between the seller and another buyer, the Pay It Forward, Now! action simply continues within the global commerce environment!

- it greatly increases turn-over in business cash flows and can significantly reduce the dependency on external credit, it increases the amount of funds moving between local suppliers and communities, relying less on banks and incumbents.

- the relevancy of banks and its industry as they exist today will cease to exist as the digital era takes over, the transition will be much faster than it was from the 'horse and buggy to the automobile' with everything from payments to holding value to buying a house will move to the 'Cloud', from where the banking industry, as we know it, will be bypassed!

Being able to monitor where the value is at all times, linked to proof of identity for each party at various levels of activity allows for a much more flexible and secure system that fits the role for a modern global digital cash system,

            - UDC is compared in real time against over 150 global currencies,


UDC and the equivalent value in product and services listed by the sellers is held at all times by the buyers and sellers in their local communities in the Global Inventory Value in the Cloud.

UDC has an intrinsic value backed by an equal value in Productivity but it's how UDC is generated using a Global vote to validate this productivity that makes it unique,

                                    see how Global Cloud Productivity involves the global community!

This activity is captured in a unique way with UDI Portfolios that contain locations and the specific activity from around the world, it gives all users the way to gain from real productivity on a global scale!

UDC as a central currency has the unique position of continually gaining value specific to locations where the activity takes place, any gain is primarily via a micro LAT value that's distributed back to users,

- locations around the world are allocated a Symbol with a unique value, each time commercial activity is completed in any specific location the LAT value is collected and equally distributed to increase the amount of UDC in circulation,

- distribution of LAT to each location equally across all buyers and sellers linked to a location gives the UDC currency the exponential growth from productivity without it putting pressure on product prices (controlling inflation or deflation)

- Location Tokens can be held by anyone around the world.   see Location Screen


Queen Bee is an ideal customer acquisition tool that pays for itself with its long-tail!

Any business can use the Platform to get more involved with their existing customer base by looking at adding the Queen Bee Project to their tools to keep up with their customers, it's like a loyalty and acquisition program but with a unique long tail benefit for the business,

Every business has inventory of some type and having it listed on the Platform locks in a license agreement for those items to be processed to sell to the Platform buyers,

UDC is a neutral P2P trading currency with no transfer fees or foreign exchange fees.


Why is Pay It Forward, Now! needed?                                - see exponential and ubiquitous exchange flow


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