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Cloudfunding solves a final piece of the puzzle in bridging the Offline to Online ( O2O ) with Pay It Forward, Now!.

It clears away obstacles that have been denying large numbers of people access to online commerce!

It solves the basics that many in the world are confronted with, how to get a piece of the action, by opening up with Pay It Forward, Now! it gives access to better commerce and a free flow of value, on a global scale!

It solves the age old dilemma of foreign workers needing to send funds back home by integrating the actions at both ends seamlessly with local commerce, helping by adding extra stimulation into the two local economies.

Remittances are now part of the Digital Free Trade and Commerce platform  -  remittances are connected to global and local commerce, providing a 'fee free' exchange of payment to complete commerce  -  free of fx margin spreads

What Pay It Forward, Now! doesn't do is get involved in fiat currency transfers like when funds are shifted from country to country, instead UDC is used as a neutral global productivity value to link real product and commerce activity together at both ends.

The every day sales that a brick and mortar seller does at their cash registers can be sales sold on the Platform and to complete those sales the seller can instigate Pay It Forward, Now! whenever they want to liquidate some of the sales!

Everyday survival is based on needing daily basics and how to get it but to do that the one common thing that separates everyone is money or the exchange of something for those basic needs.

Everyone is aware that inequality is part of our world and most issues can be linked back to the unequal balance there is with distribution, of having enough income to exchange for the basics to live.

It's at this point of exchange that Pay It Forward, Now! is focused on helping to overcome it!

It Starts with a Pure Economy

The Platform can take the currency deep into locations

Every mobile owner can operate a business

Remaining neutral has many advantages

                                                                                             see exponential and ubiquitous exchange flow

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