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  How UDC is generated and validated by the Crowd in the Cloud!                                   2 / 3   next

UDC has an intrinsic value backed by Productivity that's verified by products and services offline!

There are three stages to validating the value of UDC.

The steps to generate UDC begins by verifying the value of any product or service that a seller lists at the selling price,

-  as local and global buyers see the item displayed in QwickPic they can register in QwickBids to compete with other users to try to win the item that's set at a maximum 20% of the seller's full list price, products remain with the seller at all times,

-  when sufficient bidders have 'voted' by registering for any listed product or service it completes the first stage in verifying the value of the listed item, if there're insufficient bidders then the item is rejected,

-  bidding of any item is done by the Crowd specifically to find a buying price that is a 20% price of the seller's full List Price, this stage is important as it pushes the low buying prices out into the local economies as an equalizing value.

Productivity is not limited to just new products it can also be linked to used items in QwickFlip and validated with the successful completion of the exchange with UDC for product between a buyer and a seller,

The Crowd's involvement in the bidding has a unique purpose, it provides a consensus vote that helps verify the items true value and the seller's credibility, it gives a transparent view that eliminates any gaming or wrong doing with the bidding's unique algorithms that make it fair and equal for everyone to participate.

After the bidding process has been completed and there's a winner and a local buyer, the next step is to verify the item's value at the exchange between the seller and the buyer,

-  once this second stage is completed, the UDC held in escrow since the deal went live by the vote from the Crowd, is transferred to the seller's account after the buyer receives the product or service, there's now proof of value, it's at this stage that distribution of the LAT gained from the processing is updated to the locations held by users in the portfolios, this completes the validation for the increase of newly generated UDC into circulation.

-  the third stage can happen at any time after the UDC is received by the seller, it can be liquidated / sold / exchanged to a user using Pay It Forward, Now! with a fiat currency at a brick and mortar store wanting to buy UDC using QwickPay, this completes the full process of validation,

                                          QwickPay  '. . . send P2P payments around the world for free!'

-  when a seller does receive UDC this value can be paid to another seller as payment for supplies or to a user before ( if ever ) it's exchanged for a fiat currency.

The exchange of the product, fiat currency with UDC at each step of the commercial action to the satisfaction of the 'buyer, seller and Crowd' confirms that the values exchanged were true and correct therefore all have equal value!

The Platform operates with QwickBids and QwickFlip to exponentially and ubiquitously gain a world wide consensus vote on the value of UDC, as a genuinely backed online currency, this activity doubles-up by providing economical activity that can stimulate local economies, all starting from brick and mortar businesses located anywhere in the world!

             - it's like every brick and mortar store just became 'the new local bank'!

  the 'D.O.M.E.'


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UDC Has Intrinsic Value
        Exchange Flow

Fractional Economics
is behind the Platform's architecture and how UDC's backing and value can be separately compared to each global currency in real time, it's not used in exchanges with any fiat currency to gain margin, only compared to as the central value between all global currencies, this allows any value to move freely from one currency to another currency on the Platform through UDC, removing need for incumbents or third party services.

Once UDC has been generated ( minted ) the volume is not contractable and unlike quantitative easing that prints money against no backing, UDC is unaffected by the volume and the value as it operates within an autonomous economy, it doesn't engage in competing with global currencies like in exchanges where speculation is the driving force, its only connection with fiat currencies is at the process with the Pay It Forward, Now! action at the seller's brick and mortar store that completes the exchanges with a local fiat currency.

By UDC backing its value with real time Productivity it provides a different economical base to support a sustainable linear growth in value with actual real time products and services, that can only be evaluated in the present time, this is opposite to how fiat currencies are backed with the possible future value of what a market can support as the basis in backing fiat currencies.

-  the value of UDC has an aggregated value of all Locations listed on the Platform ( currently 350 ) and it gains its overall value from each location separately, any increased value gained from the Productivity world wide is added to the value in each Location Tokens that are allocated to the cities, states and countries where the activity takes place,

      see more on the connection of players that helps achieve Productivity
:   Global Cloud Productivity

-  as UDC's value increases overall the increased value gained in each location is directed back to where the activity had taken place for Users linked to those locations to share, both physically and digitally,

-  this means that any new 'buys' of any Locations will be at the new price with no negative impact on users or other values,

-  the possibility of gaming the activity by buying heavily into any location and getting the benefit from the increased UDC has been well battle-tested, the fact that any Productivity still needs to be verified by the Crowd using a broad consensus vote nullifies any possible gaming, even hoarding the currency to make it scarce and more valuable is answered by the fact that holding the currency is part of how UDC distributes its value,

- holding any number of the various locations is always unique to each user who will use different strategies to collect locations where they see commercially active hubs, it's like looking at the world and judging on where the productivity hubs will be now and in the future, this is real productivity that can even be from the businesses in your local area,

-  users who purchase 'locations' do so at the real time updated prices,

The process of calculating and distributing any new prices for these locations with the collected LAT is done in real time and so gives users a direct connection with productivity, it gives users access to the increased values directly in a Reserve Balance in each User's UDI portfolio,

-  these are the distribution outlets for the increase of UDC that's minted into circulation, this increase of UDC that automatically adds to a user's portfolio is the spendable amount to use to buy things without diluting the principle number of locations held by the user, this means there's a continual earnings to spend, all driven by global commerce,

-  this way of releasing UDC into circulation via all the users linked to the actual productivity source and location sterilizes the currency from any manipulation, which can happen when a central body creates a currency from no true source of value,

-  UDC's value is controlled by the actions of the world wide Crowd in every step of the validation,

-  UDC's unit base value is calculated by combining the mid rate of the 10 main global currencies, which is designed to keep a steady value in comparison to all global currencies, when exchanging to and from any fiat currency a unique mid rate is used so that there're no gains or loses encountered, and so no exchange costs or commissions are added, keeping UDC as a neutral value centered around commerce in productivity and trade,

-  with UDC having zero charges or fees it can move from one party ( change of ownership ) to another with ubiquitous ease just like cash can move around but with UDC each exchange is recorded as a unique action  -  a true global digital cash currency with an intrinsic value.

The volume of UDC minted into circulation is limited to the volume of new and used products and services that are processed and verified by the Crowd, which is a good problem to have when new 'productivity' happens globally 24/7!

The Platform is able to fit anywhere along the Supply Chain using Fractional Economics to multiply the productivity for producers and manufacturers to retail by incentivizing commerce without using traditional discounting that has little long term benefit when jobs disappear and money is lost forever.


UDC is a ‘P2P’ central currency with no transfer fees or foreign exchange fees.

Why is 'Pay It Forward, Now!' needed?                                - see exponential and ubiquitous exchange flow


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Cloudfunding generates Price Demand  -  digitizes 'cash' to flow ubiquitously around the world

What's The Monetizing Moment?

Cloud Commerce operates by Outsourcing the Selling to the Crowd by Cloudfunding

How Sellers Outsource their Selling to the Crowd?

QwickP2P   'Pay it Forward' completes the sales activity for sellers!

As UDC is validated and exchanged in the New Digital Economy it permeates out into local economies!

see the connection of players that help achieve 'Productivity' :   Global Cloud Productivity

Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

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