DeCom Subliminal Interactive Advertising                                .  .  brings a decentralized and democratic economic platform to the real economy!

                                                                                                  .  .  is re-organizing global commerce, so that economic growth is universally shared equitably across the world's local economies!
Collaborative Industries
QwickPic is a economic platform with marketplaces for sellers, from anywhere, to freely list their inventory and outsource the selling to a global network
of market makers, at predictable and guaranteed full selling prices  -  where buyers create greater demand by paying prices they want to pay .  .
.  .  it's a paradigm shift in the way supply is marketed, monetized and sold to meet real time demand in the digital age

Introducing Cloudfunding  -  it's a digital economic ecosystem that re-invents the way commerce operates world wide  -  it re-invents the roles played by advertising
and finance in commerce  -  Cloudfunding adopts a neutral international trading unit of account drawn from the full selling prices of products and services using
fractional economics and e2eCommerce  -  a free micro-value is distributed globally via subliminal organic advertising, avoiding the in-your-face targeted ads
-  it's a scalable combination and process that leads to the full monetization of inventories through the actions of a global user network of market makers.

Cloudfunding sits at the economic intersection of Automation and Us  -  where Supply meets Demand

Global users earn incomes by driving local and foreign trade using strategies with free working capital   -  it creates new dynamics between supply and demand that
generates full selling prices for each unit in a seller's inventory, without sellers needing to discount  -  sellers then give their buyers deals to activate cascading buying
prices that generate real time demand  -  a cashless ecosystem completes trade with free global payment exchanges using secure peer to peer Universally Decentralized Capital.

Cloudfunding changes the flow of economies with productivity backed free economic value

It's a new chapter in global commerce, streamlining the way value is digitally exchanged in supply and demand  -  it's the Digital Age Economy, with technology replacing
old era mechanics in commerce by perpetually validating Universally Decentralized Capital directly with global productivity, eliminating the need to store local cash  -  this offers
the scale and means to give financial inclusion to the many, and help overcome some of the inequality and unaffordability that has crept into everyday living.

New Capital Flows will move freely around the world via decentralized distribution networks

As technology increases scalability, the more distribution can flow into corners of the world that had been isolated from the main stream
Cloudfunding flows through RingLink tecnology where locations around the world can link to other location with e2eCommerce

Cloudfunding connects Offline to Online with DeLE Markets - Decentralized Local Economic Markets
Infinity Loop
Global Commerce now has Cloudfunding to drive the new digital economic change  .  .  giving Seller's real time demand

.  .  it automates a greater economic flow in Supply Chains with Outsourced Selling and real time Price Demand  -  avoiding Seller discounting's 'race to the bottom'    

.  .  Cloudfunding solves the conundrum of a missing economic infrastructure backing the Digital Economy  -  with a real time neutral universal trading value    

Cloudfunding merges Universally Decentralized Capital into Commerce for everyone to freely use  -  solving the financial inclusion that's holding back equality
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      Sellers have control with : <     Global Crowd     >     Buyers have benefits with :
       -  no seller price discounts

       -  no advertising costs

       -  no listing costs

       -  free outsourced selling

       -  guaranteed sales

       -  no payment fees or charges

       -  no currency spreads

       -  free digital cash exchange

       -  free working capital

       -  no contracts

       -  no more 30 / 90 trade terms

       -  access to sellers co-op

       -  freelance global workforce

       -  free online business entity

       -  online virtual wholesaler

       -  no stock to handle

       -  no customers to worry about

       -  free working capital

       -  real time payments

            Open Market Makers

      -  cascading buying prices

      -  no payment fees or charges

      -  early bird discount buys

      -  access to Free Economic Value

      -  free digital cash exchange

      -  free remittances / no spreads

      -  no credit score required

      -  free payment escrow service

      -  no subscription costs

      -  free business entity to build

      -  access to buyers co-op

      -  share in productivity growth
  QwickPic Ready

Sellers and Buyers operate in Free Open Market Economic Zones  -  where Sellers gain full Selling Prices and Buyers gain new buying power

.  .  Outsourcing the Selling is a paradigm shift away from Outsourced Manufacturing  -  FOMEZs give local Sellers scalable and defendable positions           

fuel   -   taxis   -   hotels   -   restaurants   -   events   -   travel   -   trekking   -   sharing   -   Cloudfunding Main St

groceries   -   fashion   -   books   -   delivery   -   content   -   subscriptions   -   On-demand   -   connecting   -   insurance

health   -   education   -   energy   -   housing   -   leasing   -   logistics   -   Used Market   -   Used Cars   +   more
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