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  QwickPay  -  is free to use world wide!   

QwickPay Pay Caddy is the complete escrow payment feature that makes paying to a seller, regardless if they are known to the buyer or not, the service allows product to be sent to the buyer knowing that payment is locked in a Pending stage waiting for the product to be received by the buyer, once the products is received and the buyer is satisfied the payment is released.

It's all free to use any time a secure payment needs to implemented, it's ideal for remote areas where there's difficulty having 'face to face' contact.

QwickPay Pay Caddy Payment Reminders are ideal for those times when a friend or a business owes money or it's due and needs an alert to pay.

Each QwickPay account has a PayCaddy feature that allows you to send a detailed alert ( email if required ) to friends or associates informing them of a due payment or that a product is ready for shipment and payment is due before the shipment is sent.

Pay Caddy is secure for B2B, B2C or C2C, no matter where in the Supply Chain a Reminder is needed for payment, the same secure processing is used.

Another complimentary feature that fits more in the time while out with friends at a restaurant or some event and a single payment is needed is Split Bill  -  so instead of trying to divide up the bill at the time you can make a single payment and use 'Split Bill' later to send a trouble free alert reminder to your friends.

If some of your friends or business associates don't have a QwickPay account the email will provide details of how to open an account and how to fund their new account and send you the payment.

Your friends and associates with QwickPay accounts will receive reminders directly into their Connect Got It feature so they don't get any unnecessary emails.

PayCaddy gives details how payment can be made and still give a secure feature for the payer (buyer) as the payment is held between the buyer and seller in escrow until the item is received.

Any inward transfers and spends are immediately updated to the balances of your account(s).

Why is Pay It Forward, Now! needed?                                      - see exponential and ubiquitous exchange flow

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